The STiL Personal Profile


What is STiL?
Based on Marston’s DiSC theory of behaviour, STiL is the world’s most “personal” personal profile. A culmination of knowledge gained from experience within HR, coaching and recruitment since 1980, STiL is designed to be concise, user-friendly and immediately beneficial due to our dedicated personal reviews.

The personal review system is the heart of the STiL personal profile. With it, STiL becomes a dynamic tool that helps participants get up close and personal with their own behaviour.

How STiL works
At the end of the day, the STiL profile is a user-friendly tool for reflection, not an absolute ruling of who a person is.

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Our profile sessions start with mapping behaviours and traits of the participant. The results of the mapping become the basis for a dialogue between the participant and our certified STiL consultant. This conversation is what we call the Personal Review.

During the review, a dialogue is opened where the participants reflect and analyse their profile results with the consultant. It allows the participants to confirm and evaluate their own behaviour, uncover hidden traits and have a discussion about their strengths and weaknesses. The review process is a rewarding experience, which provides participants with a sense of fulfilment, understanding and acceptance of their behaviour.[/ezcol_1half_end] [ezcol_1half]

Why should I care about STiL?
Using STiL can benefit you and your business through:

  • Individual/group/organisational coaching & development
    Knowing the profiles of your co-workers means understanding how they function and how they best get from A to B!
  • Recruitment/assembling project teams
    Use STiL profile results to get the right people in the right places. Tap into the strengths of each profile to maximise results.
  • Sales & business development
    Understand how your business works using STiL – improve customer relations, PR strategies, organizational culture and more.
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Our mission is to make STiL a universally accessible tool, and usable for anyone. It is therefore important to us that STiL reaches out globally. Our profile is currently available in the following languages:

English, Swedish, Chinese, Farsi (Persian)

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